Indómita is about living your own live, with no limits. And we believe that clothes have the power to express who we are, tell our stories, and even bring us closer to others.

We are not meant to be just a brand, but a community of people like us.

And now, let us introduce our team:



A true indómito, he is the mind behind all this madness. Nico has never followed other rules than his and adrenaline is his what pushes him forward.

Motorbikes have been his best friend since he was a child and, in 2017, he left Spain with his Honda Transalp to follow his dream: going around the world with a bike.

His journey started in Africa and took many years of adventures, now he is getting ready to continue travelling across the entire world.

And that's the ambition and attitude he wants to share and promote with Indómita, a brand built for people who daydream and move forward.



Bea is to Nico what Robin is to Batman: his right hand, the one who provides that counterpoint of realism and makes it possible for the collections to become true.

Adobe Illustrator is her most powerful weapon where all our clothing designs are born. That's no surprise, since Bea has a solid background in fashion after Many years of experience in the industry.

Her mission is clear: to create the best clothing that we are capable of manufacturing and to improve drop after drop.

Only the future can tell what incredible designs she will bring.



We are not that big yet, but there's a couple of more friends behind Indómita, making it possible for the brand to continue growing so solidly.

Bea and Nico are the front faces of the project, you've probably seen them on Instagram or even Youtube.

But along with them, there is a small family working hard to bring you the best stuff you can even imagine and build the next huge community of people who doesn't know about limits or rules.

If you are one of them, you can also consider yourself a member of our Secret Society.